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National Recruiting Firm AstraWorks offers job placement for construction, IT renewable energy, power and design markets.

Connecting the people +
companies who are building our world

AstraWorks is a national recruiting agency with a niche focus on finding talent in the power, renewable energy, design/build and IT markets.

An abstract picture of a keyboard representing the IT market for which AstraWorks recruits.



When you need a key hire with a specialty skillset to either lead a job or land a job, we have access to thousands of established professionals in the power, renewable energy, design/build and IT markets. By fully immersing ourselves in your culture and business needs, we can bring you the candidates who are the best professional and cultural fit.


If you don’t have the bandwidth to cover every aspect of the employment process, we’ve got you covered. Through our contractor payrolling services you can outsource your employment process and administration, including payroll and benefits.


Consider us an extension of your human resources team when it comes to hiring – whether that’s for one hire or a whole team. With our contract and contract-to-hire models, we lower your risk because we can handle recruitment, hiring and employment responsibility over a set period of time, ensuring you retain the best candidates for your business needs.

A large solar panel with a rich blue sky in the background


Because we have been focused on recruiting in niche markets for nearly two decades, we have a proven process that is streamlined to deliver candidates more efficiently. From initial prospecting and screening candidates through interview and offer stages, our aim is to make the process seamless for you. And because we recognize our clients’ people are their most valuable assets, we take the time to build relationships on both sides of the table so we can understand the motivators for both employer and candidate.

A computer screen with hmtl code that represents the IT industry that AstraWorks serves.



Average number of days to present our first candidate


Average number of candidates we present on each search


Percent of candidate offers accepted

Wind turbine with a blue sky represents the renewable energy recruiting conducted by AstraWorks


Our clients benefit from our deep knowledge of the labor market, helping them stay ahead of trends such as salary and market rate benchmarking, skills assessment and strategic workforce planning.

Because we immerse ourselves in our clients’ culture, we become an extension of your brand when we are recruiting talent to build your business.

You reap the value of a great hire because we take the time to understand your business drivers and deliver candidates who will be the most successfully immersed in your environment.

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