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Recruiter Ryan Ferares Celebrates First Year with AstraWorks

Ryan Ferares joined AstraWorks last year and is now celebrating his first full 12 months with the company. Ryan gained invaluable experience during a challenging first year in recruiting. As a result, he is well prepared for a strong 2021. Here are Ryan’s thoughts on the year ahead:

Now that you have been at AstraWorks for a full 12 months, what are you looking forward to in the upcoming year?

I am most looking forward to the growth of the company. I have a better understanding of the talent we seek to find for our clients, the industries we specialize in, and how to talk to clients about what they want to accomplish rather than what we might offer them. Not only are we growing in terms of job candidates or staff we place with our clients, but internally we are growing as well. I am excited to help new employees as they onboard with AstraWorks to learn everything that I have this past year.

What do you see as the top challenges employers will face in the upcoming year when attracting top talent in the Power, Renewables and Design/ Build markets?

One challenge for employers in 2021 to attract top talent will be the loyalty created by organizations that treated their employees well. Some companies adapted well to the pandemic, and in some instances even thrived. It will be tough to take the top talent away from a company that treated them well, especially when they watched a lot of other people lose their jobs. Employers will need a compelling story, a plan for growth, and be able to illustrate to a recruit the importance of their role in the firms plans.

If you are looking for hiring solutions, AstraWorks is always open to discuss your needs. Give us a call at (913) 521-4040.

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