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AstraWorks hires Senior Recruiter from Oil & Gas industry

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

We are excited to introduce you to Michelle Kim, Senior Recruiter.

Michelle joined our team in July 2020. Prior to joining AstraWorks, Michelle spent three years in Houston recruiting in Oil & Gas and Industrial. Her experience will transition well as we continue to focus on Energy & Renewables, helping companies hire key talent and build project teams.

Here are Michelle’s thoughts on the transition and current market:

How has the transition from Oil & Gas to Power been?

When I first started in recruitment, I did a little bit of Power but in a very niche market, so I was semi-familiar with it. The project and recruiting lifecycle is pretty similar. I just had to learn the key players and types of equipment that the Power market uses. Oil & Gas is experiencing challenges times so the transition into Power has been great. There seems to be more stability and growth, especially as renewables continue to expand.

Do you have any advice for employers looking for new hires during COVID?

It seems like candidates that are already working can be a little spooked about moving positions and do not want to be in a “last one in, first one out” type of situation. Reassuring the candidate about the safety of the position and its long-term plans can help ease those fears.

If you are looking for hiring solutions, AstraWorks is always open to discuss your needs. Give us a call at (913) 521-4040.

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